Bogus company selling products of other legitimate companies, claiming these as their own

What checksnforms is doing is not just illegal... this unlawful practice can ruin a legitimate business’ name and reputation.
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A Handy Rundown of the Internet’s Fake News Sites

With more and more people turning to social media to get most of their news, the risk isn’t just getting soundbyte-sized stories; it’s getting duped by a growing number of “satirical” sites. Sure, The Onion’s sharp commentary on current events still manages to trick its share of Facebook scrollers, but there is an increasing collection of terribly dumb sites that are dedicated to fooling unsuspected readers with hoaxes, fabricated celebrity scandals and panic-inducing “news” features.

Online Jobs Scam – How to Find if a Website Provides Fake Online Job

Are you searching for some online jobs that can make you money? Don’t pay anything or register anywhere, until you read this article.

This article will educate you to understand about various internet jobs scams & how to identify them even before you pay any registration fee for any CD package.

So you have seen some website, read about the various home based online jobs they are providing. The website say, you can make this much money or that much income by working on these simple programs & that is very easy etc. etc.

The com[dot]com extension again directing users to fake sites

Computer users are again being advised to watch out for misleading URLs after researchers uncovered a new cybersquatting scheme making use of an old trick: capturing users who click on a link with a com[dot]com extension that leads to fake websites, according to a blog post from Malwarebytes.